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In spite of personnel controversies surrounding the departures of Roth, Hagar, and most recently Michael Anthony, Van Halen has remained one of the world’s best selling rock bands of all time.  A review of their anthology reminds  us of the great songs they have left us with.  If you have a few moments, take a walk down memory lane back to the 80’s and the golden-era of MTV.  Vote for your favorite song or songs of either Van Halen era, you may vote for as many as you like as many times as you like.  Enjoy!



I am currently working on and preparing:

“Anthropology” by Parker/Gillespie

“Invention No. 4” by J.S. Bach

“Estudio 2” by Matteo Carcassi

“Study No. 7” by Matteo Carcassi

“Study No. 3” by Matteo Carcassi

“Sonatine” by M Guiliani

Assorted scales, arpeggio exercises, and other tidbits….



Nashville Number System

I refer to the Nashville Number System a lot in my posts so I am making that resource available in multiple different formats here.  As you will notice, each person or site has their own way of visually representing it and explaining it.  I am providing these resources so you can find the one that works for you. You may visit the sites referenced in the links below and download the charts for your own library of resources.


*Note: I like the videos for their brevity and I think he does a nice job of laying out the numbering system quickly and simply.  However, in Part 2, to be diatonically accurate, the 5 chord, in this case a G, is major but it becomes a 7th chord when you add the F the chord which is the next diatonic note to be added.  Also, the 7 chord in this case will become a B half-diminished chord when the next third is added to it which would be an A.  Technically, the 7 chord is a minor chord spelled I – flat3 – V – flat 7 making it half-diminished.  Since he is talking only about triads at this point, he is simply laying out the simple spelling for the 3 notes which spell a G7 chord.   


NNS Chart